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Cruzsetting on top of the worldThe Painted Lady and the Thislewhite-nosed coatiGrackleBighorn Sheep Cactus Longhorn BeetleBurrowing OwlTwo-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillarnight blooming cereusPenstemon  in the ChollaSaguaro FlowersSunflowersEvening PrimrosePoppy FieldsthistlesHooded OrioleGreat Horned OwlBurrowing OwlGreat EgretBaby Great Horned OwletsNight Blooming CereusBaby Great Horned OwlCouchStripe tail Scorpion under a blacklightRiver OtterTomato HornwormJuvenile Spiny tailed Iguana Horned LizardMedalmark Butterfly
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